Craft Pork Share


Craft Pork Share

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Taking Deposits NOW for December Pork Shares.

The whole and half pork share offers an exceptional value considering the quality of pork we provide with less need for valuable freezer space. Perfect for the family, couple or hard core single pork eater!

We raised our hogs to the weight of 250-300 pounds at the time of slaughter. After slaughtering the hanging weight will be 175-210 pounds which will be the weight we use to determine the cost of your share.

Depending on how you choose to have your pig processed, a full share of pork will leave you with 125-150 pounds of pork cuts and a half share will yield 65-75 pounds.

Whole Share $3.50/lb

Half Share $4.00/lb

How much freezer space do I need?

A good rule of thumb is one cubic feet will hold about 35 pounds of meat.

Pick up...

Unlike other small farms, we handle the transportation to the butcher as well as picking up the finished product. This gives us an opportunity to check and verify that your share was packaged and cut exactly how you requested. Given our limited freezer space it will be expected that you pick up your order here at Pig and Leaf farm the day we bring it back from the butcher, or we can deliver to your home the following day for an additional charge.

Once you put down your deposit, we will contact you to determine what type of cuts you want.

All processing is paid by you and depends on the number of cuts you decide on.

Whole Hog - $150 to $200 average

Half Hog - $100 to $150 average

There is a deposit required to save your hog for processing.

Whole Hog Share Deposit is $200.

Half Hog Share Deposit is $100.

Balance due at pick up. It will include the price per pound + butcher fee - deposit.

We have 5 Red Wattle crosses available in December for processing. Meat will be ready towards the end of December. Please make a deposit now to reserve your Slow Pork!

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Our Hogs are the rule not the exception. We have traveled far and wide to collect genetics that will match our farm management, landscape profile and our desire to create artisanal pork products. Our heritage breeds are selected for their exceptional taste, consistency of meat profile, a deep red marbled meat, and a pleasure to be around. We feed NO gmo, no soy and consider our craft as ‘Slow Pork’ . We use old world techniques to enhance the flavor profile, plus we rotationally graze them in our developing silvopasture agroforestry system.  

Our goal is to provide you with an exceptional product while not harming the landscape or hogs quality of life in the process!