Pig & Leaf is a family farm, specializing in craft pork, artisan vegetables and a cookery. We provide wholesome, nutrient dense cuisine, for home chefs and restauranteurs alike.

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Taste the difference


Pig & Leaf's craft pork operation offers some of the most delicious and award winning breeds of pig, in the world.  To further our commitment to local craft pork, Pig and Leaf is creating a breed of pig, that captures the very essence of the local region, or 'Terroir'.   Start with a quality breed, feed it an excellent diet, without antibiotics or GMO's and raise them naturally, rotated in pastures and woodlands, and the result, is the highest quality pork around.  



The other red meat

forest raised pork



the best cooking fat ever

Field to fork...with style.


Pig & Leaf's artisan vegetable operation offers a rainbow of microgreens, head lettuce, mesclun, stir fry greens, and various specialty veggies to make your eating experience, truly magical.  Vegetables are raised organically, on a permaculture farm, which uses ecological and regenerative growing practices.  We select the tastiest cultivars, and pay close attention to nourishing the soil, so it can provide a full array of minerals, to create food, that is not only beautiful and tasty, but nutrient dense, as well.  Find us at the Columbia Farmer's Market or join our CSA.

What is a CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.  You commit to buying a share of our produce for the season, May-October.  You get a weekly box of fresh picked vegetables at a discounted price, and we get the support we need, early in the season.







nutrient dense veggies

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salad mixes


all natural grown

Experience farm cooking


A blend of farm and restaurant, the cookery plans to offer recipes for our products, that we love to eat and videos featuring every aspect of food preparation; from nose to tail and farm to fork.

We also offer whole hog catering services for weddings, parties, birthdays, festivals and farm to table events.



Whole Hog Roast

Stay tuned!  We are developing a catering service with on site, whole hog roasting, bringing our farm straight to your fork.  We can cook up our delicious forest and pasture raised pigs at your next party, wedding or event.

“OMG, food was fantastic! I am still waiting for the cookbook.“

— Debbie, P

Over many years of teaching classes and cooking for our participants, we received countless requests for a cookbook.  Maybe one day....but for now, we would love to share what goes on in our farm kitchen.  The cooking videos section is under development, so please check back with us.

Beauty abounds...


Being an ecological and diverse farm, Pig & Leaf has a number of other products that will be available through the seasons.  Naturally grown and heirloom plant starts for your garden, nuts, berries, mushrooms and craft/floral material from our agroforestry systems, cut flowers and salves made from our medicinal plants & lard.


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