A Place for Flowers

As an ecological farm and homestead, flowers have always had a place in our cultivated ecosystems. They attract pollinators and beneficial insects to our gardens, act as good companions to our vegetables, and provided beauty and splashes of color, in the landscape. 16 years ago, we jumped into growing cut flowers. We were unprepared, and it was a failure. We decided to get back to the more “important” work of growing food. Now, here we are again, many years later and we have realized flowers are part our passion and an integral part of creating a sustainable farm.

Flowers deserve a place. A place in the landscape and at the table. A place in our hands and encircling a young child’s head. Passed between friends and lovers, marking the season, the occasion, the moment.

Flowers have found a place, in our hearts and on our farm with the intention of making their way, into your lives. We are committed to growing and foraging the highest quality, lush and unique blooms and foliage, in the most sustainable way possible. They are hand picked and delivered at peak freshness.

Local, seasonal, naturally grown American flowers support small farmers, like us, and reduce reliance on imported flowers, most of which are grown unsustainably, picked too early, shipped long distances and sprayed with toxic chemicals. Let’s change that! We hope the locally grown flower movement will grow the way local food has.

You can find our flowers at our market stands and can even get a CSA Bouquet Subscription.