The Land, The People, The Passion


Pig and Leaf Farm was born out of Cliff and Jen's love of gardening, wholesome healthy food, the gathering of friends and family, ecological land practices and creating a lifestyle close to nature. 

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The Land

Pig and Leaf is nestled in the heart of the high forest of middle Tennessee. A year before Cliff and Jen bought the land, it was clear cut and left in shambles. Since then, they have used various ecological practices to restore the forested ecosystem. Permaculture, agroecology, agroforestry, holistic management, earthworks, alternative energy and natural building, make up the unique, whole systems landscape.

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The People

Cliff & Jen did their first organic farming apprenticeship together, when they were dating, 20 years ago. They then spent 10 years traveling, living and working on farms, gaining the skills and confidence, to buy their own land in 2009. They have committed their lives to creating a farm, family, community and lifestyle that will be a shining example of a sustainable just future.

They live in a off-grid, naturally built home, with their four children.

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The Passion

Cliff & Jen are best known as the owners of Spiral Ridge Permaculture, a consultation/design firm and off-grid learning center, offering services and classes in Tennessee and the southeast U.S.

They offer trainings in Permaculture Design, Agroforestry, Market Gardening, Animal Husbandry, Natural Building, Earthworks, Ecological Forestry and Mushroom Farming.

They are both well sought after trainers, for their comprehensive knowledge base in regenerative lifestyle practices.

Cliff is provides land/farm/community consultation, planning and design work.